8.9.-19.11.2021 MuseumsQuartier Schauraum Ausstellung: Expeditions to Hidden Worldshttps://www.mqw.at/institutionen/q21/programm/expeditions-to-hidden-worlds-science-visualization-lab

1.10.2021 Exhibition: Virus Dice Installation, Schmiede Hallein, Austria

30.9.2021 Invited panelist “Staging Climate Change” MAK Vienna, Austria

22.8.2021 Invited panelist: Hox Zodiac Dinner “Ox”

17.-18.6.2021 Workshop “A syntax for smooth spaces” – Complexity Science Hub – Talk Vorstellung Sci Viz Lab Projekte

2.6.2021  NA Online Meditation: Oxygen for South Asia Charity https://www.eventbrite.at/e/noise-aquarium-online-meditation-oxygen-for-south-asia-tickets-155949618507?keep_tld=1

16.5.2021 Phagen Animationen in ORF2 “Welt der Seuchen”

24.-26.3.2021 VIZBI https://vizbi.org/Posters/2021/vC06

Spring 2021: Online exhibition: SciArt Magazine: “Movement – Mapped”: The Blood-Brain Barrier


20.-22.11.2020 PIXELvienna 2020, co-organisation and exhibition: Corona and Climate Change https://pixelvienna.com/corona-and-climate-change/

24.-26.9.2020 Panel discussion and co-organisation: Wiener Rauschen Audio Visual Festival, Vienna, Aspern Seestadt, www.wienerrauschen.at

22.3.2020 Computer-animated scientific visualizations in the immersive art installation NOISE AQUARIUM, IEEE VR ANIVAE presentation, Washington, USA, online


27.11.2019 Lecture for Future – Mosaik-Vorlesung: Climate Change and Art, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

19.10.2019 About time: NOISE AQUARIUM VR at TEDxVienna at Kunsthalle Vienna, Austria

19.9.2019 Lecture Performance: Hero Match at Schmiede Hallein, Austria

30.8.-8.9.2019 Art festival exhibition of NOISE AQUARIUM (VR, AR, videos) at Klang Moor Schopfe 2019 sound art festival in the moor of Gais, Switzerland

27.8.-22.9.2019 NOISE AQUARIUM AR at aMORE art festival at the museum Povijesnim i pomorskim Istre in Pula, Croatia

28.7.-1.8.2019 SIGGRAPH 2019 Art Gallery exhibit: NOISE AQUARIUM VR, Convention Center DTLA, Los Angeles, USA

29.5.-31.7.2019 Part of NOISE AQUARIUM Collaborative Team in Change Was Our Only Chance at Biennale of Change Vienna 2019 exhibition: NOISE AQUARIUM (AR, VR, multi-channel video, murals) at AIL, Austria

13.6.2019 NOISE AQUARIUM at the exhibition opening: Eco Visionaries by Matadero, Madrid, Spain

5.-10.5.2019 Exhibition of CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: Action in the Nucleus (stereoscopic) at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia

18.9.2019 Presentation: Science & Design – Vom Forschungsprojekt zum Exhibit, departure Lab of Business Agency Vienna

17.6.2019 Challenges of Humanity and the Creative Use of XR, XRVienna Meetup presentation at AIL Vienna, Austria

June/July: Various guided tours at the Biennale of Change in the NOISE AQUARIUM exhibit in the AIL Vienna, Austria

6.5.2019 Screening of CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: Action in the Nucleus (stereoscopic) at the National Convention Centre Canberra, Australia

13.4.2019 Immersive Experience @ OMSI The Harry C. Kendall Planetarium: dome projection of CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: Action in the Nucleus at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, USA


14.-15.9.2018 Interactive installation of NOISE AQUARIUM at Paseo Project Festival 2018, Taos, New Mexico, USA

5.-10.9.2018 Interactive showing of NOISE AQUARIUM at Deep Space at Ars Electronica 2018, Linz, Austria

15.8.2018 Poster presentation: CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: action in the nucleus at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver, Canada

28.6.2018 Presentation Stem Cell – CRISPR at ISMST-Basic Research Meeting in Bologna, Italy

28.5.2018 Presentation and organization of Medical Visualization Focus Day at the Science Visualization Lab of University of Applied Arts Vienna

27.5.2018 Lecture: Narration in Scientific Visualizations of the Science Visualization Lab Angewandte talk at Under the Radar Symposium at Museumsquartier in Vienna, Austria

13.4.2018 Presentation: CRISPR/Cas9 Gen-Manipulation visualisiert! Kunst und Wissenschaft im Wechselspiel at Lange Nacht der Forschung in Vienna, Austria


15.12.2017-15.4.2018 Exhibition participation with the full-dome video CRISPR/Cas9-NHEJ: Action in the Nucleus in the Future Room installation at MAK Vienna, Austria

21.11.2017 Screening of NOISE AQUARIUM video at Vis Matters conference, EPICenter UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Australia

12.10.2017 Screening of NOISE AQUARIUM video at Media Art Nexus Screens NTU, Singapur

5.6.2017 Screening of NOISE AQUARIUM video at QUT Cube Brisbane, Australia

June 2017 Part of NOISE AQUARIUM Collaborative Team (Computer Animation): Various Interactions: CNSI UCLA and Brisbane Queensland Technical University

26.10.2017 Blender Conference Talk: Microscopic 3D Data Processing in Blender, Amsterdam Blender Conference Talk: Microscopic 3D data processing in Blender

12.10.2017 Visual NOISE AQUARIUM: Talk at NTU Art & Heritage Museum, Singapore

11.10.2017 Hybrid methods in a project collaboration between UCLA and SciVizLab Angewandte: Colliding and Surrendering: chaos and freedom where art and technologies meet conference at Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU), School of Art, Design and Media

6.7.2017 Presentation of NOISE AQUARIUM Workflow: Fluid Visualisation and Sound Matters: Bridging Art, Science, and Visualisation Symposium, University of Applied Arts Vienna

31.5.2017 Introduction of NOISE AQUARIUM to BiotechArt Honors students at CNSI entrance videowall, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

2.4.2017 Talk 3D Audio Visual Experience of Plankton in Noise Pollution at CAx: Dimensions of Computer-Aid in Architecture, Biological Sciences, Design and Art conference, Berlin


17.11.2016 Presentation of NOISE AQUARIUM, LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) at CSNI (California NanoSystems Institute), University of California Los Angeles

Group exhibition: Small, Sculpture: On red chair, Kunstraum SUPER Vienna, October 2015

2014 Speaker at Departmental Seminar Integrative Zoology Vienna

2014 Presentation at Graduates Conference Epilogue, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Group exhibition: Behind the curtain, Digital exhibition participation, Heiligenkreuzerhof Vienna, November 2014

2013 Presentation at Mite Colloquium Graz: Computer-generated Images of MicroscopicSoil Organisms for Documentary Films

2013 Speaker at FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia, Stuttgart

2010 Workshop Lecturer: Science Visualization in TV and Film for better Understanding of Science, Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, Bangkok

Mockumentary The Guitars of Motherz Milk screened as a special selection at the Mockfilmfest, Hollywood, California 2009

Interactive sound installation Klangturm St. Pölten, November 2005


Raw Science Award 2019 for NOISE AQUARIUM https://www.rawsciencefilmfestival.tv/winners-finalists

Content Award 2013 as part of the team of Industrial Motion Art – “Tardigradia – The Wild Little World” https://www.wienerzeitung.at/dossiers/content_award_vienna/586868_Content-Award-2013.html?em_cnt_page=2

Austrian Computer Graphics Award 2013 as part of the team of Industrial Motion Art – “Tardigradia – The Wild Little World” 

Golden Wire 2006 “Best Audio” for “Ice Age on Weed” http://goldenwire.fhstp.ac.at/b/2006-2


Under the Radar Student Award 2018

Kino im Vogelhaus Filmwettbewerb 2016